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la verità è una follia

I love when horror movies inverse tropes ^.^
31-Aug-2011 03:32 am - The LXD Character Profiles
I've been working on these for the_lxd, since the information on the various LXD characters is all over the place. Wanted to get this posted so I can see what it looks like and because sometimes it's easier to spot errors/missing info when it's up on lj lol

AutumnCollapse )
CopelandCollapse )
The Dark DoctorCollapse )
The Dark NurseCollapse )
ElliotCollapse )
The FanboyzCollapse )
FangzCollapse )
The IllisterCollapse )
JatoCollapse )
Joe DriftCollapse )
KareyCollapse )
KatanaCollapse )
The KiddCollapse )
Sp3cimenCollapse )
SpexCollapse )
The TailsCollapse )
TrevorCollapse )
The UmbrasCollapse )
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